Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services to our customers, including but not limited to:

General Maintainence

We can provide any and all general maintainence to your vechile. Is your vechile OEM? We give one of the best local deals on oil changes. Is your car modified and putting down much more power than stock? We have in stock the right oil for your built motor! Bring in your warm A/C, broken power steering, broken exhaust, blown struts, and whatever else may plague your car, and we will fix it up good as new!


Want a better exhaust? Looking to upgrade your turbo-charged or supercharged car to somthing that flows a little better? Do you have a turbo kit that you need installed and just dont have the time to do it yourself? Are you looking to upgrade your suspension and just do not knwo where to begin? We know the answers and have the experience to complete the project. From idea, to design, all the way to completed project, we are your solution!

Custom Fabrication

Some of us don't like to look at a catlog of parts and build the same machine as everyone else. Maybe you want to mount your turbo is a location other than stock? Maybe you want to have a unique exhaust setup that you want accomplished? Just because no one our there has done it before, doesn't mean it cant be done! We custom fab whatever is needed to accomplish your goals.

Engine Builds/Transmission Swaps

Is your motor in your car blown? Maybe you just want to build it before it breaks. We can talk to you one-on-one to see what your goals are with your car and can configure a build that will accomplish your car goals. Bottom end, heads, compressor-upgrades; you name it, we can do it.

You also dont want just anyone assembling your motor. We have all the connections to machine shops for re-honing your block, closed-desk services, sleeving, and crank refinishing. We also know of the unique challenges of the motors we build, and have experience to know what works.